Tips Client Should You Use: “Is This a Good Time” – Yes or No?

The agitation of whether to accessible your calls asking, “Did I bolt you at a acceptable time?” or “Is this time still acceptable for you?” (for presentation alarm backs), is animate and able-bodied – unfortunately.Just endure week, I accustomed this email catechism from a reader:”Hi Mike, catechism – afterwards I forward out advice to these guys and I appear aback to them with an abstraction do I ask them if they accept a minute afore traveling into my pitch?”Have you anytime wondered the aforementioned thing? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve heard this catechism for the endure 30+ years, and I’ve aswell heard arguments for both sides. Some humans anticipate it’s admiring to ask if the anticipation has time, and others feel they are ambience themselves up for a stall.So what should you do?I’ve been authoritative calls – both prospecting calls and closing calls – for a long, continued time. In fact, I still accomplish them today. And in my acquaintance (note I said experience, not “theory”), the acknowledgment is clear. What you should do is this:

Never ask if it’s a acceptable time to angle or authorize or accept a chat with a anticipation or client. Instead, chase this access to the letter:Always accost your prospect: “Hi {first name}, achievement your day is traveling well… ” (or added aperture you like).And again accept anxiously not alone to what they say, but, added importantly, to how they say it. Ask yourself:”Is this being blessed to apprehend from me?”"Does this being complete rushed?”"Do they complete agitated that I’ve disconnected them?”"Are they black they best up the buzz now accept to allocution to me?”Or,”Do they complete relaxed?”"Are they accommodating to appoint – did they ask me how I’m doing?”"Is there a smile in their voice?” (Or a frown?)In added words, rather than ask if you bent them at a acceptable time, accept to their articulation and to how they acknowledgment the buzz to see what their affection is. If you in fact listen, you can consistently tell…Then, behindhand of what they say, accede what you apperceive to be true: they are busy! So let them apperceive you account their time and accessible your alarm this way:”I’m abiding you’re busy, so I’ll be brief… “And again appoint bound and, if you’re prospecting or qualifying, ask them a catechism as anon as accessible so you can accord them an befalling to acquaint you whether they accept the time to allege to you or not.

And that’s how you handle prospecting calls.For pitches area you accept an appointment, don’t ask if this is still a acceptable time for them! You’ve fabricated an arrangement in advance, and if you’ve absolutely able them they are assured your alarm and should be accessible for it.For these calls, you accessible this way:”Hi {first name}, how’s your (Tuesday, etc.) going?”[Listen actuality and acknowledge accordingly.]“Good to hear. Well, {first name}, I’m aflame to allege with you today and I apperceive you’re traveling to love… “And again get into your pitch…And, as always, don’t yield my 30+ years of acquaintance for it, try it yourself! Your own acquaintance will verify what I’m cogent you. Blessed selling!